Studies show that students are struggling to transition into the workplace with a solid knowledge of themselves and others, or how to operate in these systems, and it is affecting their mental health. 

Anita is passionate about creating safe spaces in places that traditionally expect us to turn off our humanness when we enter them – our schools, workplaces, and other institutions and organizations.  She uses her inspiring storytelling, years of coaching, consulting and facilitation, and own personal challenges and strengths to help build a more stable bridge between the person, their education and their work to ease the pain young people are feeling as they traverse the ever-widening gap between the expectations of education and the realities of adulthood and the business world.    

She has developed a highly customizable active workshop approach for young people at the high school and college level to help them:

  • identify their strengths
  • understand in practical ways how they are being perceived
  • build self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-acceptance
  • see the possibilities of their dreams regardless of their circumstances
  • develop stress management and conflict resolution techniques

Most importantly, she helps them understand that who they are – even the darkest most human parts – is a powerful force to change their world.

Best of all, Anita’s goal is to offer the workshops, cards decks and other materials to schools and students free of charge.


"Your workshop really inspired me. I have been working on a lot of self-healing because I don't want my validation to come from others anymore and you gave me tools to help with that. Also, hearing your story inspired me because I have gone through a lot of similar things, but no one every really talks about those things so I felt like my story made me less than and not acceptable. Thank you!"
Workshop Participant
Student Names Remain Confidential
""When Anita talks about youth empowerment and her vision for the marriage between education and the workplace it is such a different approach from what I have heard before. It is exciting and just makes so much sense to me. I really believe in her work and her vision"

Maria Celeste Varrgas
Programme Administrator
Centre for Executive Education | University for Peace
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