We grow up believing that all the scary, bad things happen in the dark – the monsters in all the stories  live there after all.  As adults we keep that fear alive  in our own personal and professional narratives- we have skeletons in the dark recesses of our closets, and we avoid looking at the shadow-y sides of ourselves. BUT…did you know that a lot of growth happens there as well?


  • The great connective tissue of the earth – mycelium – use the dark to  create  transformation, facilitate ecosystem communication and more!
  • Valleys – which are associated with our darkest times – are historically places of  connection, community, life, growth, fertility and abundance!
  • That despite being  buried underground, tree roots are able to perceive light and this transmission and light/dark collaboration triggers growth!


Learning to play in – instead of fear – the dark is the key to embracing and accepting our whole selves and to changing our lives, our workplaces, our businesses, our communities and the world.  

Hiding who we are hurts us, others and our organizations. By understanding our full story - the good, the bad, and the ugly - we get to bring our full selves to all we do to make an impact.

The i.d.lumination approach uses the i.d.lumination framework, Jungian Archetypes, the work of Carol Pearson (who brought the archetypes to the modern business world), the VIA Character Strengths Classification, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and other psychometric and personality-based systems, and our proven processes to help individuals, teams, and businesses shine a light on the power of our humanness to improve today’s workplaces and how we work in them. 

Your unique IDeologic principles as an
individual, group or organization

IDiosyncracies and challenges that may be blocking connection, communication and success